Committee Members

The Coalition is largely supported by the work of individuals who volunteer their time and expertise.  NCPS committees include the Finance Committee, Education Committee, and the Reporting Committee.  Briefly stated:  The finance committee recommends the Coalition’s budget, establishes membership fees, and assists with grant writing; the education committee is responsible for assessing the educational needs of our members and  coordinating the workshops and educational conferences offered by the Coalition; the reporting committee meets on a regular basis to review reported events from members, discuss the identified causal factors and the overall thoroughness of the information reported to it, and shares information with the Coalition members during the quarterly membership calls/webinars. 

Current Committee Members Include:

Finance Committee:

  • Darwin Brown, PA-C, MPH (Chair)
  • Edward M. DeSimone, II, RPh., PhD
  • Paula Riesberg, RP
  • Gail Brondum, LPN, BS

Education Committee:

  • Katherine Jones, PT, PhD
  • Carol Kampschneider, RN, MSN
  • Carol Whal, RN MBA, RN, NEA-C
  • Greg Schieke, MBA
  • Kathy Corbett, RN, MSN
  • Patty Scholting, PA-C
  • Monica Seeland, RHIA
  • Connie Miller, PhD, RN
  • Amy Thimm, RN, BSN, MSHSM
  • Susan Rieker, RN, BSN
  • Gail Brondum, LPN, BS

Reporting Committee:

  • Mark Rupp, MD
  • Stephen Smith, MD
  • Myrna Newland, MD
  • Edward DeSimone, II, RPh., PhD
  • Greg Schieke, MBA
  • Katherine Jones, PT, PhD
  • Daniel J. Rosenquist, M.D.
  • Elaine Thiel, RN, BA
  • Linda Bontrager, RN, BSN
  • Gail Brondum, LPN, BS